Monday, June 12, 2017

Our MLE (Modern Learning Environment)

by Sophia and Anna

Over the summer holidays, Rooms 8, 9, 10, and 11 were refurbished - although there was still ongoing refurbishing for the doors. For the first few weeks, Room 10 and 11, were stuck in the hall while Room 9 was enjoying the library.

Usually, the teachers would say “we’re hoping to move next week” but it wouldn’t happen. Then, finally, we moved in on a Thursday, and kids carried furniture to the new rooms. It didn’t take long to get used to the new rooms

The first day in MLE was not bad. Everyone liked the smell of the brand new carpet, which smelt like lavender. It was also easier to access the other rooms since they were not far away from each-other.

So Mrs. Harper and Mrs. Deutschmann made a new system for the MLE. Room 10 was called South Cove, Room 9 was called North Cove, the middle area was called Sandy Bay, and Room 11 was called Sunny Bay since the sun always shone in Room 11.

We also have a new teacher who teaches in Sandy Bay called Whaea Hohaia. She helps out with teaching literacy and maths. She didn’t have her own room to use but she takes groups in the Sandy Bay area or the library.

We became more of a family than a class. Everyone became friends and everyone was loyal to one another. We moved around in the spacious area very quickly. We also didn’t have to walk to far for Kawau Team meetings too because all of us were close together. Usually the Kawau team meetings were in Room 11.

 We no longer spend the whole day with one teacher. We go to other rooms and work with different teachers for numeracy and literacy.
People who have earned a silver license have a choice over where they want to do their independent work.


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