Monday, May 22, 2017

Youth Town Fun

by Nimrit and Reagan

Before the holidays the Rangitoto and Waiheke team had an entertaining program called youthtown. It’s a great way to get outdoors and get fit at school. There’s also a holiday program and many more activities.

Shark, Ship and Shore is great game that all the children enjoyed. First an instructor called out shark shore or ship.Then the kids have to run to the correct side but the last person there is out.

They also played Simon Says and Hospital which the students enjoyed it too. Hospital is a a really is a fun game where if you get tagged you have to go to hospital and do five star jumps.

Another great game was two-sided dodgeball.

Some children liked Youthtown because they enjoyed playing games and learning new and exciting activities to help gain confidence. Although there was a lot of rain during youthtown, kids still enjoyed splashing about and letting go of stress, just having fun and relaxing.

Youthtown was an inspirational and an educative program for children.

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