Wednesday, September 27, 2017

St Johns Training

Donna from the St John’s charity came and taught students from the Kawau team about taking care of ourselves. Donna also taught us how to treat a person with heat stroke or hypothermia.

First we learned about minor wounds, stings and burns. Donna instructed us what to do when you get a minor wound. Donna immediately put us into groups and we cleaned and bandaged the different types of wounds that Donna had drawn on us with a red whiteboard marker.

After that we learned about burns and if  Donna drew a burn on our hands, we had to had to run it under cold water for 20 min(it was just a cup with no water) Next we covered it with glad wrap.Then we learned  about stings. Donna said the very first thing you have to do when you when you get a sting is ask the patient if they had got stung before. Next we had to pull it out as fast as we could with a card or piece of paper. You can also do it with you nail. Later, we froze it with an icepack.

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