Monday, July 24, 2017

Lloyd Elsmore Swimming
by Nimrit

The year 3-6 students are having swimming lessons for 7 weeks at Lloyd Elsmore every Friday.

We travel by bus to the pools. The bus is really nice because it had heaters but sometimes I get annoyed by the noise others make.

Each class is booked in to a different time slot. There are three stages of swimming: level 1, is for people that aren’t very good in doing different styles, level 2, is for kids who are in the middle swimmers and level 3 is for expert swimmers who can swim 2 or more laps without touching the bottom of the pool.

There are three really nice instructors and they help you learn different swim styles. It’s really fun to learn different swim styles. It’s a great way to learn how to swim confidently and everyone likes the lessons and the juniors can’t wait to start swimming at Lloyd Elsmore.

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